North Hawthorne Community Association





A short history of the town of Hawthorne, California

ABOUT US       Thank You for visiting the page of the North Hawthorne Community Association (NHCA).


We are an association of residents (homeowners and renters) in the northern section of the wonderful City of Hawthorne CA. Our boundaries include north of El Segundo Boulevard, east of the 405 fwy, and west of Crenshaw Boulevard all the way to Northern border of the City.

North Hawthorne is the former home of the Beach Boys.  It is also the location of the Beach Boys monument that is visited by hundreds of tourists every year. North Hawthorne also is home to Hawthorne City Hall, Hawthorne Police Station, the famous Hawthorne Water Tower, the Hawthorne Airport, many aerospace businesses such as Northrop and Space X, 2 city parks, and much much more.

Are you concerned about the quality of life in your neighborhood? Come and meet your neighbors and voice your concerns. The N.H.C.A. meets every 1st Monday of the month at St. Joseph’s Hall.

Time:         7:00 pm

Location:   11901 Acacia Ave
                  Hawthorne, CA 90250